Washington CAN! members share their stories with Senator Murray

Washington CAN! members Malon Kelly, David Anderson, and Nikki Mackey joined Senator Murray at the International Community Health Services to share how the Affordable Care Act has positively impacted their lives so far.

As they shared their stories, each hit on a common theme: the sense of relief that washed over them when they found out that the Affordable Care Act was going to pass. They described how important it was that they had insurance when they needed it and did not have to fear getting dropped from or denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Finally, they explained how they are eager for Oct. 1st when enrollment begins for the state’s health exchange.

ACA benefits in WA

Senator Murray explained that Washington State is already “ahead of the curve” when it comes to preparation for the Affordable Care Act. By visiting: wahealthplanfinder.org, residents of Washington State can already begin preparing for the next stage of implementation. She emphasized that she is strongly committed to seeing the successful implementation of the law so that all who needed coverage could afford to have it.

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