Highlights from the Legislative Summit on Racial Equity


Today we held our first ever Legislative Summit on Racial Equity. In partnership with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights and a strong coalition of community organizations, Washington CAN! organized an evening of community conversation with state legislators about ways that the state can create policies that advance racial equity in Washington.

Community members shared how specific policies up for consideration in the 2014 Washington State legislative session will directly advance racial equity by reducing vestiges of institutional racism that manifest themselves through disparate outcomes for communities of color.


Among the top priorities for the 2014 legislative session are:

  • Implementing the Federal Basic Health Option through the Affordable Care Act
  • Passing Statewide Paid Sick Days
  • Passing the Washington State DREAM Act
  • Abolishing the death penalty in Washington State and passing the Youth Opportunities Act, which would seal juvenile records from public disclosure

IMG_4433Legislators including, Speaker of the House Frank Chopp, Representatives Jessyn Farrell, David Sawyer, Mary Helen Roberts, and Senator Bob Hasagawa, as well as other local government representatives  in the room to share their own personal commitments to advancing racial equity.

You can see a full report of the 2014 Proactive Legislative Agenda here.

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