Field and Phone Canvasses

Every night of the week, our phone and field canvasses are on the phones or in your neighborhood engaging our members and the community on social, racial, and economic justice issues. They provide a constant grassroots presence throughout the state and help us counter the ad campaigns and lobbying efforts of powerful special interest groups on issues that affect everyday people.

Through one-on-one conversations, our field and phone canvasses help build our membership and strengthen our campaigns.¬†Whether it’s issue work, electoral work, or fundraising, the canvasses take our work to the next level!

Meet our Field Canvass Organizers…

Our mighty Field Canvass team
Kevin Elliott, Brittney Hickman, Devin Matthews Jensen, Kaite Mark, Andrea Mitchell, Monty Mitchell, Matt Nawrocki, Elliott O’Sheehan, Ronnie Rodriquez, Megan Thompson

Meet our Phone Canvass Organizers…

Ashley Cormier, Lisa Dekker, Jana Fulweiler, Craig Jones, Margarita Kutsin, Mara Moore, Rick Peterson, Nathan Rodke, Kate Sherman

Want to get involved? Take a look at our Job Opportunities page to find out more.

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