Lobby Day 2017

Lobby Day 2017 was a busy one for Washington CAN! We stormed the Capitol Steps in Olympia for Equity Day — a rally with hundreds of activists from two dozen coalition partners pushing for fully-funded education in an equitable and just way that doesn’t hurt those most vulnerable in Washington. It was moving, emotional and best of all LOUD!

Also on Presidents’ Day, we participated in a press conference with Governor Jay Inslee about health care. Our Board Chair, Deana Knutsen served as emcee, long-time health advocate and witness (at the White House) to the signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Gina Owens reminded us how important the ACA has been. New Spokane member, Courtney Anderson was brilliant storyteller as she shared her story of beating cancer twice. She reminded us that cancer is persistent and she fears being able to fight cancer off if it resurfaces again and she is no longer covered because the ACA was repealed by Republicans and Trump.

In all, they conveyed just how much repealing the #ACA would cost Washington state — as outlined by a new report from Health Care for America Now. The report, A Cost Too High, calculated the cost to the state being $18 Billion in lost federal funding, more than $2 Billion to doctors and hospitals and the cost to each Washington recipient eliminated from support to be $3,005 per year.

Two Days Left …Two More Workshops

Up From DebtRegistration ends in two days for Up From Debt. Below are two more workshops to choose from this Saturday, March 14 9am – 5pm at SEIU 775NW, 215 Columbia, Seattle. Click here to register

  1. The Rising Cost of College and How Debt is Disenfranchising a Generation — For most of our country’s history, education was the key to lifting families out of poverty and creating thriving economies that raise the quality of life for all. However, as the cost of college is rising exponentially and our country’s students owe more than $1.2 trillion in student debt. In this workshop participants will ear solutions to stop this crisis from spiraling out of control. Presenter: Chris Genese, Washington CAN!
  2. Stopping the Wall Street Wrecking Ball: Organizing Up From Housing Debt — The housing crisis was created by Wall Street, and the result was the loss of their homes for tens of millions of people. Millions more remain deeply in debt. People of color were specifically targeted with predatory subprime loans. At this workshop we will talk about the root causes of the crisis and explore organizing solutions. Presenters: Betsy Andrews, Washington CAN! leader, Tony Williams, Washington CAN! member, Sheley Seacrest, NAACP

Senate Budget: The Wrong Direction for Washington

We prioritize our kids and communities over tax breaks we can no longer afford. Sounds simple, right? Apparently not for the Senate budget writers.

Last week the Senate released a budget proposal that pits funding for education against healthcare and essential community services, while protecting unjust tax loopholes.

This is the wrong direction for our state. Racial disparities in health, education, home ownership, employment, criminal justice and other areas continue to increase. In order to move forward, we need to raise new revenue and invest in programs that promote greater economic security and health for all Washington residents.

Our state budget is a moral document. It highlights the values we hold as a community and as a state. It’s time for legislators to stand up to large corporations and special interests and put our families first.

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Washington CAN! endorsements and the Progressive Voters Guide

The 2012 general election is here! Your ballot is filled with high stakes choices about equality, security, and the future of Washington. In order to ensure that our state and country move forward in the right direction, it’s necessary for everyone to cast their vote!

Washington CAN! has endorsed the following candidates and campaigns because they will help advance our mission of achieving racial, social and economic justice in our state:

  • Vote for Jay Inslee for Governor. Jay Inslee is committed to fully implementing President Obama’s health care reform and ensuring quality, affordable health care for Washington families and small businesses.
  • Vote NO on I-1185. The Eyman Initiative would require a 2/3 supermajority to close corporate tax loopholes or raise revenue in our state, making it harder to fund health care, education and important social service programs.
  • Vote NO on I-1240. We want our state to fully fund public education and ensure equal access and opportunities for all students, not waste scarce public resources on funding charter schools.
  • Vote YES on I-502. Marijuana legalization will bring us closer to racial justice in Washington and will help end the disproportionate incarceration of people of color.
  • APPROVE Referendum 74. Help our state prioritize freedom and equality by ensuring that all dedicated and committed couples have the opportunity to marry.

We also teamed up with Washington’s leading progressive organizations to produce the 2012 Progressive Voters Guide – your ticket to highly-informed voting based on progressive values. For detailed information about ALL the issues on the ballot, check out the full and comprehensive Progressive Voters Guide here!

The deadline for mailing in your ballot is November 6, but your best bet is to do it today! Be sure to vote in every race, because every ballot issue will have a big impact on our future.

Romney/Ryan: The Ticket of the 1%

The Romney campaign formally announced last Saturday morning that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will be the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney has proven once and for all that he’s completely controlled by the most extreme elements in the Republican Party, who forced him to choose Paul Ryan.

So what does this mean? The Ryan-Romney budget would gut Medicaid, end Medicare as we know it and give millionaires even more tax breaks.

The Ryan-Romney budget would:

  • Cut Medicaid assistance for at least 14 million Americans
  • Eliminate food stamps for 8 million Americans
  • Raise the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67
  • Abolish Pell Grants for 400,000 college students
  • End Head Start for 2 million children
  • Curtail nutrition assistance for 1.8 million women, infants and young children
  • Reduce funding for education, environmental protection, social services, transportation and public health by 19 percent beginning in 2014


  • Millionaires get tax cuts ranging from $187,000 to $265,000, in addition to the 164,000 they already get from continuing the Bush tax cuts.
  •  Defense spending increases by $200 billion over the next ten years.

The Ryan-Romney budget – The 1% win, the 99% lose.