Our Issues

Washington CAN! works on issues that our members care about. Together, we are fighting for quality, affordable health care for all. We are working to ensure that hospitals are held accountable to their patients. And we are working toward an equitable economy where everyone can afford to meet all of their basic needs, including healthy food and housing.

Learn more about our current issue priorities:

Single Payer
Washington CAN! is working toward establishing a single payer system in Washington State. While thousands have received coverage under the Affordable Care Act, there are still those who struggle to afford care. Read more…

Hospital Accountability
Our campaign Washington Patients United is working to elevate patients’ voices in the changing health care landscape. We want to have an impact on the decisions that hospitals are making about our health care as large hospital systems merge in Washington State.

Access to Healthy Food
Washington CAN! has been working with the city of Auburn to assess the availability and accessibility of healthy food and physical activity. The goal of the project is to address health disparities in the city. Read more…

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