Health Care

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Washington CAN! believes that everyone should have access to high quality, affordable health care, every time they need it. We want to see a health care system that:

• Does not discriminate based on pre-existing condition, or ability to pay

• Minimizes racial disparities in health rather than exacerbating them

• Allows everyone to receive the care they need to live a healthy life

Current Work:

We are currently working to establish a single payer health care system in Washington State. While the transition to the Affordable Care Act has resulted in thousands receiving coverage, we also know that many are still struggling to afford care in a system under the control of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Health care shouldn’t be a privilege or a commodity. It’s time for Washington State to lead the way in creating a different health care system that prioritizes our health over insurance company profits. 

Why Single Payer?

• Health care will be financed in a way that benefits us. We all pay into a system that is managed by one entity. Instead of lining the pockets of insurance company executives or funding company advertising, our money goes where it should–toward our health care.

We all participate in the decision that affect our health. Single payer takes the power from insurance companies and puts it in our hands and the hands of our democratically elected representatives. No longer will insurance companies decide how much we pay for health care services and which services we can get.

Everyone has access to quality health care. Single payer guarantees universal coverage–there are no more financial barriers. This promotes equality and equity in our health care system, meaning everyone has a fair shot at being healthy.

We will have freedom of choice in our health care. There will no longer be doctor’s offices that don’t take your insurance. You can choose which doctor you see or which hospital you go to.

We are calling on lawmakers to make Washington a leader in health care reform innovation by establishing a single payer system that guarantees all Washington families. Call you legislators today and tell them it’s time to create a single payer health care system in Washington State. Call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000

Past Successes

• We fought hard for Medicaid expansion in Washington State in 2012, which resulted in thousands more people receiving access to quality health coverage.

•We led the state campaign for federal health care reform, leading to the signing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

•Worked with the national Health Care for America NOW! Campaign to ensure quality, affordable access to health care for everyone living in the U.S.

• Won the reauthorization and Expansion of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), including the removal of the five-year bar for legal permanent resident children.

• Led a 2-year effort to give the Office of the Insurance Commissioner oversight over health care premium increases in the individual health insurance market.

• Led a campaign to create the Health Insurance Partnership (HIP) which will make quality health insurance coverage affordable for small businesses and their low-income employees.