Immigrant Rights

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Due to our broken immigration system, every day thousands of people are denied basic civil and human rights, are separated from their families, and are exploited in the workplace.

We believe that a just immigration system should provide a path to citizenship, protect all workers, reunite families and ensure equal access to justice. Immigration reform is a core racial and economic justice issue and Washington CAN! is dedicated to fighting for these principles at the local, state, and national levels.

Current Work:

Washington CAN! is a member of the Reform Immigration for America campaign. We are working to educate our membership and provide training opportunities around issues of immigration. We’ve offered “Know Your Rights” trainings in areas throughout the state (Lynnwood, Spokane, Bellevue & Tacoma) and are training our members to lead these workshops themselves. We will also be fighting against “Secure Communities” in the coming months to ensure that nobody has to live in fear.

Past Successes:

• Organized and lobbied against SB5012 (which would have denied driver’s licenses to immigrants who are undocumented), resulting in the bill not passing

•Organized and lobbied against SB5087 (which would have prevented undocumented immigrants from qualifying as resident students for purposes of in-state tuition and financial aid), resulting in the bill not passing

• Helped advance the New Americans Initiative to determine how the state can more effectively integrate immigrants into Washington’s communities.

•Helped pass the Washington Dream Act / Real Hope Act  (which allows young, undocumented immigrants — most brought to Washington as young children — to apply for state need grants to pay for college)

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