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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Main Street businesses provide jobs and spur economic growth. But far too often, the “business lobby” looks out for the interests of big corporations, Wall Street bankers, insurance companies at the expense of small entrepreneurs, Mom and Pop shops, and the rest of us. Washington CAN! is partnering with the Main Street Alliance of Washington, a statewide coalition of more than a thousand small business owners who have created a powerful new voice for business. The Main Street Alliance of Washington is committed to working for economic and social justice in our communities, our state, and the nation.

Current Work:

The Main Street Alliance is currently working to ensure that the voice of local, small businesses continues to be heard. We’re recruiting new Main Street Alliance members and holding Roundtable meetings to explain what the Main Street Alliance is and the ways in which it can help to promote the voices of small businesses. If your small business is interested in joining, contact Gerald at

Past Successes:

• Worked  in collaboration with the Healthy Washington Coalition to pass Paid Sick Days in Seattle (which ensures that all workers have access to Paid Sick Days). The Ordinance is one of the strongest in the country and was created in collaboration with small business owners.

• Small business members protected the gains of financial reform by eliminating excessive debit card swipe fees charged to small businesses by the big Wall Street Banks

• Led a campaign to create the Health Insurance Partnership (HIP) which made quality health insurance coverage affordable for small businesses and their low-income employees

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