Lobby Day 2017

Registration is CLOSED for Lobby Day! This year, On Monday, February 20, President’s Day, we’ll head to our state capital for a full day of advocating for the movements you care about by meeting with legislators, discussing issues with like-minded activists and rallying on the capitol grounds.

This year, Washington CAN! is joining forces with a coalition of groups for EQUITY DAY. The group’s focus will be on funding education the right way. As you know, the Supreme Court ruled our state is not meeting its constitutional obligation to fund education. We want to advocate for funding education WITHOUT cutting funding to vital services like food benefits and health care for people with disabilities.

We will lobby about that issue along with those from our legislative agenda including healthcare, criminal justice reform, housing justice and immigrant rights. Our Lobby Day will start bright and early at 8:30 a.m. at the Capital Theater on 206 5th Avenue Southeast in Olympia.

Lobby Day 2016

Washington Community Action Network and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington blocked foot traffic near the Capitol Campus sundial on President’s Day to call attention to state legislators’ efforts this session to stand in the way of women’s reproductive and economic equality.

“We continue to see widening disparities in wealth and income between men and women; the gap is even more devastating among women of color,” said Mary Le Nguyen, Washington CAN Co-Executive Director. “Raising the statewide minimum wage is a necessary step towards eliminating that gap.”

This year, Rep. Jay Rodne, Sen. Steve O’Ban and Sen. Michael Baumgartner, among others, have supported draconian legislation that would roll back women’s rights in Washington state, while standing in the way of legislation that would abolish workplace penalties for pregnancy, raise the minimum wage, support pay equity for men and women, and expand access to women’s health care.

Specifically, Republicans in the legislature have sponsored legislation to ban sex-selective abortion, a back-door attempt to place new restrictions on abortion that would force doctors to serve as law-enforcement officers rather than caregivers. Legislation has also tried to eliminate funding for abortion care for low-income women in Washington, by eliminating state Medicaid coverage for abortion with no exceptions for rape and incest.

“We need lawmakers in Olympia who stand with women by supporting legislation like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which gives pregnant workers the ability to stay on the job and have a healthy pregnancy, instead of standing in the way by supporting back-door abortion bans and age restrictions on birth control,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Rachel Berkson. “Legislation that restricts women’s access to health care has no place in Washington state.”

These legislators have stood in the way of women’s economic and reproductive rights by blocking or refusing to support bills that would provide 12 months of birth control at a time to eliminate the need for monthly trips to the drugstore and legislation that would give pharmacists the ability to prescribe birth control directly.

Stand With Women is a national campaign calling on our elected leaders to expand access to women’s health care, abolish workplace penalties for pregnancy and caregiving, raise wages to ensure pay equity between men and women, and invest in women and families by funding affordable child care and education.

Lobby Day 2016

Lobby DayThis President’s Day, Monday, February 15, we are heading to Olympia for a Lobby Day and we would like to invite you along. We will travel to our state capital and call on lawmakers to put politics aside and put the issues you care about first. Our allies at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington will join us, in part to emphasize our Stand With Women campaign. The campaign urges lawmakers to stand with women this session by passing legislation to expand access to women’s health care, abolish workplace penalties for pregnancy and raise wages to ensure equal pay for women.

Another focus is our Health Care is a Human Right campaign. Washington CAN is part of a coalition working for a single-payer health care system that allows for all Washington residents to be covered with health insurance by the year 2020.

We will start at 10:00 am at the Washington State Labor Council, 906 Columbia Street SW #330 in Olympia. We will train, plan for the day and then hit the Capitol Campus for a full day of meeting with elected officials and staging actions to make our voices heard.

Please click this link to register for Lobby Day.