Facing Race Report 2016

The 2016 Facing Race Report Card was released at a news conference today. In the report, 27 percent of Washington legislators received an “F” grade regarding race. The grade is based on 34 bills that impact disparities in communities of color. Thank you to all attendees and speakers including Sen. Pramila Jayapal, Sen. Cyrus Habib, Rep. Mia Gregerson, Rep. Brady Walkinshaw, Roy Martin Brown, Maria de Jesus Lozano, and Dulce Saucedo.

Read the report here.

Stand With Women or Stand in the Way

20150918_115234When you support working families, as Washington CAN! has always done, it means you stand for policies that support women. In today’s world we know that more women than ever are working outside the home, heading households, and leading in the workplace. However, many workplace policies continue to leave women behind, particularly low-income women and women of color.

Because it’s time to fight back, Washington CAN! has recently joined with the Women’s Equality Center and their national Stand With Women campaign to make sure all women have a fair opportunity to be equal partners in the new economy. This means equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave to care for self and loved ones, reproductive freedom, and a higher minimum wage.

To quote from the campaign’s website: “Politicians must pick a side: will they stand with women by taking action to advance fairness, opportunity and freedom … or will they stand in the way.” It’s time to make fairness, opportunity and reproductive freedom for women a reality in our country. Therefore Washington CAN! will be demanding that our elected representatives stand with women for the change we need.

We must take action now to ensure that women get fair treatment in all aspects of our society. The system has been rigged against women for too long. We are taking part in a Stand with Women movement. We are committing to Stand with Women for freedom, for family values, for fairness and for opportunity.

Will you join us and Stand with Women?