Good Food Bag

Photo courtesy Seattle Tilth

The Good Food Bag program is working to address some of the barriers that communities experience in accessing food, and in just 14 weeks a total of 437 bags were distributed to 180 different homes! Many families were able to pick-up a Good Food Bag during their weekly routine, increasing access to a variety of nutrient-dense organic fruits and vegetables. And all Good Food Bag recipients were able to support local farmers in east Auburn at the Seattle Tilth Farm Works.

At our distribution sites, we saw individuals try produce they had never seen before, like the knobby purple vegetable kohlrabi. We had folks express excitement at the weekly recipes which provided an inventive and simple way to cook some of the produce that was in the weekly bag. And we even saw many people pay it forward – generous individuals who admitted that although they struggled to buy quality food for themselves, they still knew someone else who had it worse and so they wanted to make sure everyone who needed a Good Food Bag had access to one.

As we prepare for the 2017 program, we want to ensure the Good Food Bag is even more accessible by opening new distribution sites in areas of Auburn that are hard to reach. We want to continue partnering with local farmers who are growing top quality, organic produce. And we want to continue growing in community in this collaborative program that helps decrease food insecurity in Auburn. Stay tuned until June 2017, when this program will start back up again, and please let us know if you are interested in volunteering or being part of this program in the future!

Good Food Bag Program Moves into its Second Year

Good Food Bag OptionHaving access to good, affordable, healthy food allows for a better diet and better health outcomes. Unfortunately, low income people are challenged when it comes to access to healthy foods. Affordability and transportation issues are just a couple of factors that lead to poor eating habits. Low-income neighborhoods frequently lack full-service grocery stores forcing residents to rely on convenience stores where fruits and vegetables are limited or not available.

The Good Food Bag program works to provide local, organic and healthy food at an affordable price to South King County this summer. A bag of fruits and vegetables with a market value of $10 sells for just $5 at the Auburn International Farmer’s Market on Sunday’s this summer starting on June 28.

Last year the Good Food Program helped give away more than 300 bags to families from May to September. This year the program looks to help more families improve their access to healthy food as well as to eventually offer the Good Food Bags in more places.

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” Winston S. Churchill